Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is a beautiful desert city up against the Sandia
mountains. Spanish is a common language in the people. Our work in Albuquerque
is quite diversified. The boys work with Department of Senior Affairs of
Albuquerque Thursday and Friday, building wheelchair ramps, steps, installing
safety equipment and cleaning yards. They also work at the Presbyterian Hospital
helping in Emergency room, transporting patients,working at the gift shop, and also working in the children's department. On Wednesdays they work at Silver Horizons which is an organization that
feeds low income seniors. They unload trucks and organize foods in the
warehouse and then load up vans and distribute food to senior centers around
the city. The work in Albuquerque is a very fulfilling work we have opportunity
to touch many lives. 

The houseparents currently serving are Dallas and Kristi
Isaac from Westlock Alberta.

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