Girls Units

Gallup Christian Childcare Home

Christian Childcare at Gallup, NM began in 1959 providing emergency shelter for children needing temporary care.  The home provides care for up to 24 children ages 0 to 10.  There are 10 girls volunteering together with the House Parents who are also volunteers giving of their time to provide loving care for abused and neglected childrn.  The girl's responsibility includes; caring for infants to 10 years old, cooking, laundry, and cleaning.  This unit provides a 6 month term for girls who have a heart for children.

Hogan Hozhoni

Welcome to Hogan Hozhoni where you seldom get bored and have many Navajo children with with to share your love.  We care for around 30 to 40 children much of the time.  Sometimes the children only need a place to stay for a couple of days and others will be there much longer.  Many come from unfortunate circumstances and often respond to love from the volunteer staff.  

Where else can you learn skills in cooking for larger groups and caring for five two year olds at one time?  The thirteen girls have many wonderful times together and learn to laugh, cry, sing, and pray together.

Hogan Hozhoni is now on a food program requiring the home to serve nutritious meals to the clients, this gives opportunity for increased skills in documentation and record keeping.  We are also updating some in the interior of the home as time and money permit.  At Hogan Hozhoni we are continuing to look for ways to improve care for those dear children that truly need love and care.  

Gary and Karen Boeckner  came in January to be house parents.  Wilma Peight is Hogan Hozhoni's nurse.  It seems like our personnel's terms go by quickly, and we are soon looking for house parents and a nurse again.  

We welcome sincere volunteers and at this time the list of girls wanting to come to Window Rock is short.  Those who come, fine the time serving at Hogan Hozhoni very rewarding.  We appreciate all who have supported this home in some way.  It is a worthy work and many lives are touched, -especially children who have experience much trauma.  They are being loved and cared for while the are at Hogan Hozhoni.  We have no idea how much it may affect their lives, it is the Lord's work.  

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The unit at Ann Arbor, Michigan began in 2006 with the volunteer girls giving six months of their time.  All six girls from the unit spend their days working in the University of Michigan Health System.  This is a large health complex including the University of Michigan Hospital, Cancer Center, Cardiovascular Center, Mott Children's Hospital, and the Taubman Clinic.  Some of the jobs iclude working in the gift shop, taking the candy cart up onto the floors, taking several bevaerage carts around to waiting rooms, way finding, making flower deliveries, doing the mail route for social services, and putting together patient information folders.  The highlights of the week are singing in the Cancer Center on Tuesday.

Columbia, Missouri

The unit at Columbia, Missouri began in 2001 and has six girls volunteering together with their house parents.  The girls volunteer six months of their time, volunteering in three different hospitals.
At the University of Missouri Hospital, the girls work in the gift shop, the information desk, registration, and volunteer office.  Also, they deliver newspapaers and books to the patients' rooms.  All of the girls have a chance to work here and at Boone Hospital, where they deliver mail, sit at the volunteer desk, deliver flowers and cards, and work in the medical library.
Two of the girls spend two days at Women's and Children's Hospital, where they help with the medical records, the gift shop, the information desk, and registration.  
One day a week two girls answer the phone and work at the clinic at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center.  They clean rooms and do laundry at the Ronald McDonald guest house one afternoon a week.

Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester is a quiet, beautiful city, where the world-renowned Mayo Clinic is located.  The service unit began in 1999 and consists of six girls and a set of house parents.  The unit house, situated in a peaceful neighborhood, is within walking distance of St. Marys Hospital of 1200+ beds where the girls volunteer in the gift shop, which is a highlight of the work schedule.  The other jobs in this hospital are the library cart, delivering flower bouquets, and the coffee route.
The girls also volunteer at Gift of Life Transplant House.  Patients who are in the process of having a transplant stay here.  Some of these people stay an extended length of time, and we get to know them quite well.   The friendly staff is enjoyable to work with, and we have many good times with them.
Hope Lodge is a similar operation, but for cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy or radiation at the Mayo Clinic.  Two of the girls volunteer here a couple days a week.  Tasks include working behind the front desk, answering the phone, giving tours, and some cleaning.  The girls volunteer six months of their time.
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