South Carolina

 The CPS unit house in South Carolina is a mile south of Mullins at 2007 Mack Arthur Rd. We arrived here from the Front Range
in Colorado on April 6, 2017. It is a beautiful place for the four young men with a house parent family to live. Kurt and Ange Baerg from Alberta, Canada will be the house parents after April 27, 2017.

                Hurricane Matthew hit this area
with 18 inches of rain on October 8, 2016 and the floodwaters rose the next day.  Most residents are seniors and have little capacity to get back on their feet.

There is a pastor from the coast with UMCOR, and a local contractor, that are together putting a lot of effort into coordinating volunteers and donated funds to get people back in their homes.  We understand the federal funds for rebuilding will not reach the area till August so there’s actually not a lot of rebuilding going on yet but with CDR and others, several families have already been able to move back home!  It seems folks have nearly lost hope of getting help. We are encouraged that this is the place to be when told that “the Mennonites” are making a big difference here and folks are gaining hope.  We drive 8 miles to work in Nichols and expect to also work in the small poor neighborhood of Sellers, SC, which is a 19 mile drive from the house.

Nichols is a smaller town with the Lumber River on the East and the Little Pee Dee to the west. The two rivers merge a couple miles south of town and after the storm the water backed up and nearly the whole town sat in several feet of water for about a week in 90 degree weather. The last of the damaged homes were tore out the last of March so there’s a lot to be done here to help these people who lost everything!

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